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Owing to the present situation there are no meetings planned for the remainder of 2020
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17th June, 6.30pm: Neil Lodge, a Tai Chi instructor, held a taster session on the benefits of Tai Chi. It was very informative with us all trying out various positions with I might say limited success. The history of Tai Chi and its place within the various Chinese martial arts was described.
The Group held another Bladder Cancer Awareness Day  at TESCO's Culverhouse Cross on April 4th 2019 from 11.0am to 3.0pm. Bob, David, Miguel, Renee and Sherele attended. The event was very well supported by the public and generated a lot of interest.
On the 31st July 2018 the Cardiff Bladder Cancer Support Group held an Awareness Day in the concourse at UHW. Members of the committee were there from 10am to 3pm to talk to people about our group, including our support roles. Information about our next General Meeting at UHW  at 6.30pm on the 24th September was displayed and interest shown by several new people hoping to attend. We are planning to hold another Awareness Day in the New Year and the date of this will be advertised on the website nearer the time.

The Bladder Cancer Support Group based at The Heath Hospital held  an awareness day on the 18th April 201.Bladder cancer, as of 2015, affects about 3.4 million people with 430,000 new cases a year. Age of onset is most often between 65 and 85 years of age. Males are more often affected than females. In 2015 it resulted in 188,000 deaths. As a consequence the group felt that any publicity about the disease would and could be beneficial to the general public; so it was felt that an awareness day would be one way forward to bring the condition into the public domain. Several committee members gave up their time to man a stall and and hand out literature to those who wanted it. The outcome was successful  based on feedback from the general public, even to the extent that £40  was donated to the group’s funds. Though fund raising was not the purpose of the event.

The event was held at the TESCO Metro Store Canton and we are very grateful for their support in this venture which was organised by committee member Dave Roberts

Miguel (left) and Bob (right) at the Bladder Cancer Awareness Day, Tesco Canton.


Sherry (left) Janet (centre) and Rennee(right) (Bladder Cancer Awareness Day at Tesco, Canton