Bob's Story

Robert (Bob) Natton; 72, non-smoker, moderate alcohol drinker, healthy diet. Played badminton since 1970 and clay target shooting since 1985.

June 2010. Blood in urine. Doctor excluded infection. Kidney and bladder scans. Red blood cells in bladder and cystoscopy revealed tumours in bladder, high risk 
type. Removed under general anaesthetic and chemo treatment (chemical compound) to line bladder. Consultant confirmed that the tumours had not gone 
through the bladder wall after bladder muscle biopsy.

Subsequent scans - CT, MRI and Bone.

Referred to Velindre. No spread of cancer outside bladder, but residual cancer cells. Options were surgery to remove bladder or chemo followed by radiotherapy. 
Decided on latter. Agreed a student could follow my treatment.

November 2010 chemo set up - long and short days - 7 and half hours and four hours alternately over month period. Tumours responded and reduced.

Radiotherapy open evening, introduced to Machines LA1. Ink dots set up to ensure correct alignment and to have same unit each treatment.

Trial to have chemo (3 hours) in conjunction with radiotherapy, but after second chemo became distressed. Stopped chemo, as radiotherapy important treatment 
and continued.

Then had a clear period for about 18 months.

October 2012 - various scans. Some residual cancer in bladder. No migration elsewhere. Discussed options - surgery or BCG - decided on BCG. In December 
2012 had six week course of treatment and then 3 week course every 6 months to date.

NB - BCG is a vaccine to prevent TB but it is also an effective treatment for non-invasive bladder cancer. Treatment introduced directly into the bladder.

Regular cystoscopy checks, scans and follow ups - Velindre for their treatments and UHW for theirs.

20.08.14 cystoscopy. All well. Responding well to BCG treatment. Can continue on 6 monthly basis. Prostate examination carried out - no concerns.

27.08.14 CT scan for kidney function - all well.

From outset cannot fault the attention, monitoring and treatment by all staff.